Barcamp Auckland 5

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The fifth annual Barcamp Auckland unconference will be held on the 16th July at Botany Downs Secondary College.

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The unconference is sponsored by InternetNZ, a new platinum sponsor. InternetNZ is joined by returning gold sponsors, Shift and Microsoft and returning silver sponsors Webstock and Pixelfusion. Valentine Addis is a new silver sponsor.

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With thanks,
Ludwig Wendzich
Barcamp Auckland Organiser

Panel of the Year

New Zealand is at a very important time regards to the internet; with really important legislature regarding access to the internet being rushed through parliament under urgency while at the same time the prospect of fibre to every home becoming more and more of a reality.

Sure, the people who come to Barcamp don't necessarily run ISPs or build out infrastructure but you are the people who build on top of that infrastructure and you understand the need to protect access to the internet as well as increasing our infrastructure.

Panelists include:

What is Barcamp?

Barcamps are a new kind of conference, referred to as an unconference because unlike traditional conferences, at a Barcamp, it is those attending who also organise the schedule and present the talks (or sessions.)

Barcamp is a many-to-many event as opposed to a one-to-many. Everyone should participate in the conversation, not just the person on stage with a microphone in their hand. Conversation is generally more interesting and useful than monologue, and that’s what Barcamp is all about.

Barcamp Auckland started in 2007 when Ludwig Wendzich wished he could experience some of the tech scene that was developing in San Francisco and spreading throughout the States after the first Barcamp in Palo Alto in 2005.

Since 2007, the event has run annually (moving from December to July in 2008.) Barcamp Auckland attracts a strong web-orientated group of technologists, from designers to developers and even sys-admins.

In 2010 we introduced the 8x5 Rapidfire session. This year, we bring you the Panel of the Year.